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Erroneous Autonomy Conference Wrap-Up: Videos, photos, and news articles

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Video of the Event:

To watch the conference in its entirety, please visit our YouTube page

Photos from the Event:

IMG_8297 IMG_8301 IMG_8303 IMG_8323 IMG_8340 IMG_8354 IMG_8363 IMG_8364 IMG_8371 IMG_8387 IMG_8412 IMG_8435 IMG_8443 IMG_8446 IMG_8478











Text of Presentations by Speakers:

Click Here to read AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka’s remarks.

Click Here to read IPR Director Dr. Stephen Schneck’s remarks.

Click Here to read Rabbi Jack Moline’s remarks.

Click Here to read Fr. Clete Kiley’s remarks.

Click Here to read Fr. Evilio Menjivar’s remarks.

IPR In The News:

Time Magazine: Labor Movement Hopes to Get a Bump From Pope Francis Visit

By Elizabeth Dias

Cardinal Donald Wuerl spoke in front of a sparkling mosaic on Monday morning, and he was not in a church. The backdrop was not even Biblical, at least not technically. Instead the mosaic was a wall-sized portrait honoring workers at the AFL-CIO headquarters, where Wuerl, Catholic archbishop of Washington, was speaking alongside the labor organization’s president, Richard Trumka. Together, the two men championed care for workers.

National Catholic Reporter: Solidarity and Accountability

By Michael Sean Winters

Solidarity is a tired word. We almost immediately associate it with the brave Polish workers who formed an independent union, a key step in the dismantling of the Soviet empire. In some circles, as Pope Francis has said, solidarity is almost a bad word, but he went on to affirm “it is our word,” a word without which Catholics can scarcely explain themselves or the Church’s social teachings.

Religious News Service: Catholic-Labor Solidarity in D.C.

By Mark Silk

The feeling in America’s House of Labor was upbeat Monday when a clutch of Catholic bishops led by Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl showed up to celebrate solidarity with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. Last Friday’s defeat  of “fast-track” authority in the House of Representatives had put a spring in labor’s step, and the bishops, representing what passes for the left wing of the U.S. hierarchy, were looking forward to this week’s roll-out of Pope Francis’ climate encyclical.

U.S. Catholic: Solidarity forever

By Stephen Schneck

Today, Monday, June 15, at small conference at the national headquarters of the AFL-CIO, I have the privilege of making a few remarks about the Catholic ideal of solidarity. The keynote speaker for the event is the erudite Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington.

El Pregonero: Solidaridad: mejor demostración amor al prójimo (Solidarity: Best showing of love to others)

By Miguel Vivanco

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, recalled Monday at a conference organized by the AFL-CIO , the largest labor federation in the United States, that solidarity with the poorest must not be limited to the economic aspect, but should be articulated in the context of the New Evangelization.


By Tom Roberts

At this year’s event, billed “A Conversation on Faith and Solidarity,” speakers repeatedly remarked on the similarities between labor and religion in their approaches to the idea of solidarity.


By Maria Pena

Frente a un colorido mosaico que rinde tributo a los trabajadores, y a tres meses de la visita papal a EEUU, el cardenal y arzobispo de Washington, Donald Wuerl, y el líder de la federación sindical AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, han forjado una nueva alianza en defensa de los trabajadores y los inmigrantes. (Translation: In front of a colorful mosaic that gives tribute to the workers, and with three months until the Pope visits the United States, the Cardinal and Archbishop of Washington, Donald Weurl, and the leader of the AFL-CIO union, Richard Trumpka, have formed a new alliance in defense of workers and immigrants.)

IPR’s Conference was featured in Catholic Labor Network News’ most recent newsletter.